How to Build a Bamboo Gazebo

Bamboo Gazebo

A bamboo gazebo is a great way to beautify your garden or backyard. It has an unique character and will add your garden a touch of exotic, and perhaps even become your favourite spot outside your home. If large enough, a bamboo gazebo can be used for spending quality time with your family and friends outdoors. However, it needs to look great as well as to be built great if you want to achieve the desired effect no matter if you intend to build a miniature gazebo to enhance your garden only or a large one with enough space for several people.

The easiest way to build a bamboo gazebo is to leave over the construction to the experts but this can significantly increase its costs. Bamboo has been used as construction material for thousands of years but it is relatively new in Europe. This means that there are relatively few people with the necessary skills and knowledge which is why it may be a great challenge to find a skilled bamboo constructor at a reasonable price or/and reasonable time. For that reason many people rather build a bamboo gazebo on their own.

You have two options if you have been considering to build a bamboo gazebo on your own. You can either build it from scratch or by using a bamboo gazebo kit. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account before making the final decision. If you decide to build a bamboo gazebo from scratch, you are limited by your imagination only which is great if you would like to create an unique bamboo gazebo or if having difficulties finding the perfect design/style for your garden or backyard. It can be done but it is important to be aware that working with bamboo is quite different than working with wood. For that reason you should first learn the basics of bamboo construction, bamboo construction techniques, bamboo types and proper protection against wood-boring insects that can cause a substantial damage. Lots of useful information can be found online but you are highly recommended to read a book or two about bamboo construction techniques as well.

Bamboo Gazebo

Bamboo gazebo kit comes with all the necessary components as well as instructions which means that you simply assemble it according to the instructions. This option is a lot easier than building a gazebo from scratch but you cannot change its design. Well, you could but if you do not like the design it is better to build it from scratch or let someone else to do the work.

When you think that you have gathered enough information about bamboo construction and how a gazebo needs to be built, you should find a perfect place for it in your garden or backyard. You probably already determined the place for your future bamboo gazebo but a good choice of location is just as important as proper construction, especially if you intend to build a permanent gazebo because you do not want to relocate a year or two later. Firstly, relocation requires lots of work you can easily avoid by choosing the best site for it in the first place and secondly, it may be challenging to reassemble it to its original appearance because most structures simply just do not look the same once dismantled. You are also highly recommended to check if you need any building approval and if there are any building regulations before you start to build a gazebo. Also, check with your neighbours if you intend to build it near the property boundary.